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The Chosen One's

Monday, May 5, 2008


Text: 1 John 3:1-12

Alright, there are a lot of issues covered in these 12 verses so I'll try and be relatively brief.

First off: we can only act according to our nature, ergo a sinner will sin a righteous person won't and Christians will be somewhere in between, sinning everyday but striving against their old natures because of the righteousness granted to them by God. Christians (and this is our own fault most of the time) are perceived as a bunch of "Holier than thou art" religious nut jobs. Some of us are, vast majority of us aren't. Why are we hung up on sin? Because we recognize the sin in our lives, hold ourselves accountable to the revealed word of God, his law, and as a result hold the rest of the world accountable in our beliefs. No, I'm not promoting theocracy, merely explaining why we believe what we do.

Secondly: The reason why Christians tick people off- Because we love one another, warts and all, hold each other accountable and point out the stick in our brother's eye (hopefully after taking care of the log in our own) and strive to do Godly men and women. Just by being a Christian we are going to tick people off because Christianity automatically assumes as one of its main presuppositions that man is flawed...that he has sin ( OOOGGGA BOOGGA!) oh my, what an insulting concept: man isn't all good, he is all sin and evil and only God save him.


1: Should we love the sinner and not the sin?

2: Is Christianity really that polarizing or is Scribe just mouthing off?

3: How should we love and show love to our fellow believers?

4: What is righteous and what isn't? (Generally speaking, specifics would be nice but not necessary)

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