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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How do YOU live?

: Today's Text: Phill. 1: 20- 26
In today's passage, Paul is talking about his persecution and suffering. He staits that to live is Christ, yet it is better to die, for that is gain. He then acknowledges that his staying here on earth is to the betterment of the Christians at Phillipi. I'm not going to do any more commentary on this passage. I would like to generate some discussion on the comments part of this post about what Paul is saying.
1) If dying is gain for Christians- why don't we all just commit suicide? and- Is suicide justifiable in this case , if ever?

2) How should Christians approach sufferings and hardships in this life, in view of this passage?
3) Should we even rejoice when sufferings come our way?
4)How can we justify suffering ( or fleeing from suffering) when Christ suffered so much on our behalf? Isn't it better just to remain complacent to what comes our way, and not rejoice-or rejoice?
5) IF there is suffering, how can we say that God is a loving God? What do you mean by love? Is this backed up by your experience with studying scripture?

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