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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Phil. #6

Passage: Pill. 2:1-3

This is a pretty short passage, so I'll keep it short and sweet. If you think of any other point, post them in the comments section.
The first verse Paul is asking some basic rhetorical questions that if something is like this - "Consolation in Christ"- then something else flows from it-"being likeminded". Now, the obvious question that arises is if Paul’s joy arises out of the Phillipian Church's being of one mind, then how can we as Christians today be of one mind? Well, the first thing to do might be to agree on how to interpret the Bible- i.e. is it the true, inerrant, inspired word of God, or is it fallible. Then move on from there to agreeing on major points of doctrine and theology- i.e. the virgin birth, Jesus' resurrection, along with views on church discipline, the palagian controversy, etc. If you don't have at least a small amount of like-mindedness in your thinking and interpretation of scripture then you are most likely going to wind up with some problems among your fellow believers.

The 3rd verse is pretty self explanatory- don't do anything to puff you up, but do as much as possible in meekness and humility. Now as Christians we know that everything we do is tainted by our sin nature, even though we are saved.
We can only strive thro9ugh the aid of the Holy Spirit to have meekness and humility (This is part of sanctification and the Westminster Larger Catechism- see Q's about 70-79. This text does a much better job of expounding upon this major doctrine of the faith than I can here).

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