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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Phi. # 10- Rabid dogs, and iminent victories

Today's Text: Phill. 3:1-11
Translation: NKJV

Ok, so your walking down the street and that mad rabid dog that the neighbors keep starts barking up a storm and jumping up and down trying to get at you. Most of us would freak and run or move to the other side of the street. Well, what if that mad, rabid dog IS your neighbor? Then What? Most of us would think our neighbor needed to go to Broughton or some other mental institution, right? Well, life isn't always that easy. We are surrounded by non- Christians, some who are very much against Christianity and will do anything in there power to bring us down, those that don't really care just as long as we leave them alone, and those who smile to our face then backstab us every chance that comes along (obviously, these aren't all the different types of non-Christians, but for now they will have to do). Paul is telling us to beware of people who are not Christians in case they really are trying to bring us down.
However, there is reason to rejoice! We are in Christ, circumcised, and have no confidence in the flesh (our own power).Paul then goes on the talk about how he was a devout Jew, obeyed all the laws, and had every right to have confidence in his flesh. However, as stated elsewhere in the Pauline letters, the law merely shows us God's commands and our fallen sinful state. Paul himself has confidence in Christ, who gives righteousness through faith and the Holy Spirit, which is where we as Christians should have our confidence as well. We are all in Christ(those who are saved) and in response, Christ has given us the gift of faith and eternal life and resurrection of the Body along with sending us the Holy Spirit to guide us. These are the reasons that we should have confidence in Jesus Christ.
To God be the glory, great things He has done.

Note: The video is just a tongue in cheek deal that I did when I was bored. PLEASE don't take it too seriously!

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