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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Phil. #11

Today's Text: Phill. 3: 12-16
Translation: NKJV

Alright, this is one of the easier passages to understand (at least for me). Paul is basically saying that we should not dwell on the past but keep our eyes on the prize, which is the calling to be Christians. To this end, we should walk together in unity of faith, belief and thought. Let us be mindful everyday that we are Christians serving God, called by Christ out of our sin, and indwelt by the Holy Spirit. Paul says in v.15 Paul says that there might be those who think differently then us, but God will reveal this to them. The way I see this ( and if you disagree with me, please say so on the forum) is that we are to have a conformity of thought in doctrinal teaching and theology, and that for those that differ from this will be shown by God that this is true biblical teaching, if He so chooses.
This is an extremely important point. If we don't have a conformity of belief, then our witness to non-Christians is tainted. Granted, there are many denominations with varying beliefs, but what I am talking about is a conformity of belief INSIDE ones own church. If a person were to hear a Christian from a church say that all you need is love and God will love you just the way you are and then from another member of the Church that God chooses those whom he saves, and gives us, the elect, the gift of faith and belief; then that person will come away with the impression that either the church is a bunch of mindless people who don't know what they believe, or that interpretation of the bible if up to the individual and their personal inclinations, both of which are dangerous. I cannot emphasize enough the need to have unity in belief, and to keep our eyes on the prize, that we are called to be God's people.

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