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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Phil. #3

: Today's Text: Phill. 1: 12-19

Are you having a bad day? Ever had one of those times when everything goes wrong? If yes, have you wallowed in self pity or have you tried to make the best out of the situation?
Paul is in prison. He is not in what we would consider a prime posistion to spread God's word. Yet he recognizes that everything that has happened to him has happened for the betterment of the kingdom, and that it actually allows him access to places where his witness would otherwise have been unheard.
Please note that I said "unheard". As Christians we are judged by those around us, always having people critique what we are doing. The only thing is this is not a silent sermon. Most people who I talk to, even those with christian friends, don't understand why Christians do good deeds and such. Unless the gospel is preached our good deeds are no better than those of the non - Christian.
Now, in verses 14-19, Paul discusses the way Christ is preached. Some are preaching a Christ of Strife and contention, hoping to add to Pauls sufferings in prison. Others are preaching a Christ of love and caring. What does Paul say to this? That as long as Chist is being preached he will rejoice. ANd so should we, even when we disagree with specific doctrines of people, at least they are preaching Christ and the gospel. Very few churches today can claim that.
So, are you having a bad day now? Remember that God is in control of our lives and that there is a purpose for everything.

1) Does preaching a Christ of Love include preaching a Christ of tolerance?
2) WHen people preach something that is doctrinally unsound and erroneous, should we conform to what they are teaching just because they are preaching, and also to not confuse those they are witnessing to? If not, what should we do?
3) What are ways in which people lessen and also strengthen the preaching of the Gospel?

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