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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Phil. #9- Role Models

Today's Text: Phill. 2:25-30
Translation: NKJV

Alright, so you've read this and your most likely wondering "Gordon, why don't you just say the same thing that you did with Phil. #8 and get it over with? I know the basic jist of this anyway." Well, I beg to disagree. Epaphroditus is indeed a very good role model- Paul just said to hold such men in esteem, but do we? Epaphroditus was sick unto death and still desired to do God's work by helping Paul. How many people, let alone people in our age bracket ("adolescents" to be PC) are willing to sacrifice their time and health to serve the Lord? Not many Christians, and sometimes I fall here, aren't willing to things like this. Most of the time, we go in, do the good deeds and flee like the wind. We are loath to spread to spoken word of the Gospel to others, saying that by our deeds people will see we are Christians and be saved. WRONG< WRONG< WRONG!!!! When people see our good deeds, they see our good deeds. Unless they have had a background in church, they will not know that we are doing such things because Christ commanded us to. Example: Epaphroditus. His good deed(s) was helping Paul, yet it was with the intention of spreading the gospel. Why do I draw this conclusion? Well, because that was what Paul was doing! Spreading the gospel. When we go out, we need to be careful who our role models are. We are told "Look up to these great Christians of the Bible and be like them", but when afforded the opportunity to be like them, we flee. Please note, I am not saying that good works are wrong and we shouldn't do them. We should. However, good works without the word of God are nothing more than good works and do not separate us from secular organizations that go out and help people. Also, I'm not saying this as a condescending thing of "I'm holier than thou art." I'm in this boat too; there have been many opportunities to witness that I have passed up in my own life.
On the role models part, find people, whether in church, community, youth group, whatever- that are strong Christians and embody the Christian ideals. In my youth group, we are going through a series called H.A.B.I.T.S. Hang time with God, Accountability, Bible Study, etc., etc.
For those of you who are looking for role models and don't know where to find them, look in the bible for people like Epaphroditus, who are commended to us as role models.
God Bless.

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